Tips for Healthcare Marketing, and Why Your Agency Needs to be Specialized

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Many agencies know marketing inside and out and can do a great job, but if they don’t have significant experience specifically in healthcare, it could put the practice at a severe disadvantage. Here is why it’s so important to find an agency that really knows healthcare, and some tips specific to marketing a healthcare practice.

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healthcare marketing case study

Medical Practice Marketing Case Study

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At Wormann Consulting, we do a lot of marketing for medical practices, medical device companies, and related healthcare fields. Our team has been working with medical practices since 2012, with much of that time exclusively in medical marketing. As a result, we tend to generate exceptional results in the field of healthcare. Here’s what we did recently for one practice…

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landing page

Landing Pages – Why They’re Important and How to Create Them

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If you’re running any kind of targeted advertising like pay-per-click ads, display ads, social media ads, or others, you need to have landing pages.  Don’t just choose a random page on your site.  Build a new page that doesn’t exist elsewhere on the site and is targeted toward the ads and audience (don’t worry, you can just hide it from your menu and Google search results).  Your campaign results will be much better.

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Hiring a Google Ads Manager

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Using Google Ads (often referred to as Pay Per Click or PPC) is not necessarily difficult, and is designed so that the average layperson can use it for their business. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s in the business’s best interest to do it themselves. Here’s how to figure out what kind of manager is best for your business.

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