Wormann Consulting prides itself on being different from a typical digital marketing agency.

Instead of providing specific “out of the box” programs, we work as consultants and create custom solutions for execution. We’re strategic rather than task focused. Our team will work with you to develop marketing strategies, execute where you don’t have the resources to do so internally, and guide you in what you can do with existing resources. This means you can work strategically, utilize existing resources to avoid paying for what you can do yourself, and have a partner to work alongside you with additional resources.

Typical consulting services we provide include:

Digital Marketing Audits and Evaluation

Whether your digital marketing is being performed internally or by an agency, we can give an unbiased 3rd party evaluation that examines your current results, determines what’s working and what’s not working, and provides strategic steps to help gain a competitive advantage.

We also perform extensive digital marketing audits that include a full 20-40 page report (don’t worry, there’s a clear summary, it’s easy to read, and we’ll meet to go over it with you) that includes keyword research, competitive analysis, website analysis, and strategic next steps based on where you and you competition currently stand and where opportunities lie.

Website Build Consulting

We don’t build websites. We actually have great partner agencies that we recommend for website development that do a quality job (just ask us, and we’ll hook you up). However, we do know what needs to be included in order to set yourself up for success and avoid costly fixes later, and what needs to be done from the get-go to set you up for SEO success. (We know – yes, you would think that anyone that builds a website will build in best practices for SEO. But, they don’t. The good ones do, but there are many that just build without knowing SEO, then move on.) We’ll work closely with one of our partner agencies, or your existing team to help ensure that your site is search engine friendly from the get-go. Our services to compliment a new website build typically include:

  • Initial strategy session
  • Review and feedback on sitemap/site structure, wireframes, design, and coding/development
  • Keyword research
  • Technical optimization (includes elements like meta data, canonical URL’s, cross-linking, etc.)
  • Content review and input
  • Setup of Google Analytics and Google Search Console
  • QA review of website from an SEO perspective
  • Submission of website to Google Index

Marketing Strategy

Execution without strategy produces random results at best, and can easily cost you money. Unfortunately, this is what a significant portion of all ad spend is. Spending your marketing dollars strategically is essential in order to maximize profits. At Wormann Consulting, we help you plan your digital strategy, often integrating it with offline efforts, in order to most effectively reach your target audience. We then either help our client execute the strategies, or simply provide guidance so they can run with it. Marketing strategy includes elements such as:

  • Cross-channel campaign creation
  • Funnel creation and implementation
  • Content marketing/web content strategies
  • Email marketing strategy and campaign development (such as drip campaigns).

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